The best part of owning a Lodge? Owning a Lodge! 

"There's so much room for activities!" 

"It's making my head spin how many activities we can do!"

There is a canvas here - for creatives, for technologists, for naturists, for adventurists, for intellectuals, for artists, or for culinary crafters - if you have a passion, a following, or a niche we're creating infrastructure that can assist, host, facilitate or promote. 

We are taking a blank space and supercharging it with infrastructure - it just needs you to Come Along. You'll have our resources & interest at your disposal to create something amazing.

We are ACTIVELY seeking collaborations with creators, new startups, ideas, & most importantly people! We can't do everything, but we're going to try anyway.

If the canvas of accommodations for up to 60, a large licensed event space, a gorgeous full service restaurant, a 50 acre ecological paradise and a region that can accurately be described as "The Coolest Place in Canada" appeals to you - reach out! 

That could be as a partner for your new mushroom foraging excursions you'd love to launch next year, even though you live in shoebox in Toronto.

That could be to collaborate between our Youtube channels, where we provide infrastucture, lodging, & activities while we make something amazing together on The BRUCE. 

That could be to help host your Twitch or Podcast audience with Live Streaming & Recording in our licensed great room, helping you to monetize your audience through sales of rooms, food, & alcohol in a structured & private retreat environment.

That could be you showing the world why your new product or service is so much better than what currently exists that it NEEDS to be included in the story and can't possibly stay quiet any longer...

...but that CAN'T be... 

ADVERTISING - Thanks, but we're not interested.

Advertising is putting something in front of someone - whether you believe in it or not. 

If we don't LOVE something, it's not going to be a part of the story. 

You can trust that we'll be open and up front about our relationships throughout, but more importantly, that we're looking to showcase unique and amazing - not necessarily profit from it. 

Let's Talk -